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Study tours

Study tours are valuable opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. Participants are able to experience different cultures, study and stay in a safe and friendly environment.

During the tour, students take English lessons, visit scenic spots, make friends with local people and stay with a local family. This enables students to enhance their interest in the English language. Not only can they know more about the local culture, but also improve the effective use of English in an English environment.

Away from home, students learn to be independent and therefore, build up confidence, which will bring positive influence to their personal development. In addition, the program provides practical and career-oriented training for students and increases their competitiveness when they graduate. Therefore, students are able to develop the interest for learning and experience the learning environment overseas by participating in study tour. As a result, the students can take the first step on the path to study overseas in future.

City Smart Education works closely with overseas schools and institutions in order to offer high-quality study tour to students. Programs are available for individuals and groups of students. The itinerary can also be tailor-made for the school-based study tour.

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Last Updated on 05 January 2012