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Testimonial from Past Study Tour Teacher and Student

Ms Wu (Teacher)

To be honest, we are really grateful that we can have the chance to pay a visit to Clayfield College, Brisbane, Australia last July. During our fortnight journey, we went to visit the amazing zoo as well as the wonderful museum, where the cute koalas and the wonderful masterpieces touched us deeply. We had painting classes, cooking classes as well as dancing classes, through which we experienced the diversified culture especially the aboriginal culture and adorable living style of Australia. We also went to the Golden Beach and the Warner Movie World, and had great fun there. What an amazing journey! The city Brisbane attracted us with its special beauty and unexpected wonders. Besides, during our stay there, all the host families did all the best things they possibly can to provide us with great convenience, which we can never be thankful for enough. Many thanks to them and to Clayfield College, for all the beautiful things they had done for us! We sincerely hope that we can have another chance to visit there again. I believe there will be more wonders waiting us to explore!


Xindi (Student)

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, teachers and students:

I am Xindy, a student from Qiaocheng Middle School. How time flies! The twelve days in Australia have gone just like a blink of eyes. All of us enjoy staying with homestay families. In the last 12 days, we went to many places in Australia. We went to the Lone Pine, saw many animals, even held a koala. We went went to the Movie World, gasped with the Driver show. We went to the museum, enjoyed the Australian culture. We also made postcard, made Australian food, and learned two Australian songs. We went shopping and bought something for our friends and families. What an enjoyable holiday!

In fact, this is my second time to Australia. I came here last year. I come to Australia again, because I love here. I love the sunshine, blue sky, flesh air and green plants here. Unluckily, we caught a tornado, so it rained for several days. But the most important reason for me to come again is, I love the people here. They are kind and patient. Though my English is not very well, but they were still patient to talk to me.

We will leave Australia the day after tomorrow, but we are not willing to leave! We enjoyed ourselves in last 12 days, so, thank you. Clayfield College! Thank you City Smart! Thank you. Homestay family!

It is sad to say goodbye to you, but absence is to better meet again. Thank you! Goodbye!

Last Updated on 24 October 2013