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2011 Chinese New Year Dinner

Every year we join in the Queensland Chinese Club Chinese New Year Dinner.  This year we had a total of 8 tables joining this event.  This year is the Year of the Rabbit.

Two of the student representatives from one of the attending institutes wrote a short piece on their experience this year.  See below for their recount of the night's events.  For photos from the night, have a look at our photo albums!

Student Recount of the Annual Queensland Chinese Club Chinese New Year Dinner

Last weekend we attended a Chinese New Year dinner hosted by The Chinese Club of Queensland at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane.  Chinese New Year is a special time in many Asian countries. It is celebrated on the first full moon in the lunar calendar. This great night was started by a traditional 'Dragon Dance', which is said to be able to wash away evil spirits. Then we were served a three coarse meal and entertained by a magic performance and various music performances.  On the tables, there were small red packets containing raffle tickets for some wonderful prizes. In China, children are presented with a small red packet containing money as a gift to celebrate the occasion. After dinner, the organizer of this event Mr. Frank Liu followed by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Mr. Campbell Newman, Chairman of the Chinese Club of Queensland Mr. Michael Chan and finally the leader of the opposition Mr. Tony Abbot all gave speeches.  Although it was a celebration of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit, they did not forget the tragedies that have been happening in Queensland.  Through their speeches we saw how much they care about Queensland and Australia.  Mr. Abbot also mentioned in his speech that the day we all work together as a team after the flood, no matter what region you’re from, 'We are all Australian'.  As the International Student Representatives, we also hope to close the barrier between Australian and international students.

Photo from CNY Dinner at Sofitel


Hannah HAN and Natalie LEUNG

International Student Representatives

St Paul’s School

Last Updated on 22 February 2011