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11/7/2010 by Samantha Lam

As a science student in Queensland University of Technology (QUT), I enjoy the relaxed and life style here in Brisbane. Brisbane is a large and gifted city, high air quality, nice weather and friendly people. Sky is blue and air is fresh, you will enjoy the peace environment in Brisbane.

I usually go for a walk every day to enjoy the environment and friendly neighbourhood. I remembered that once I was going for a walk as usual towards the bus stop, an old lady drove out from her house and said that she can take me to the bus stop! Until I kept going for a walk for months, I started to know more people in this neighbourhood and that pushes me to keep going every day. People are friendly and helpful in Brisbane, they always extend a helping hand to needy, they will always offer a sit to elderly and disable people in a buz. People in Brisbane always "be nice to others";
gradually, they influenced me, I started to care about the others feeling. I really learn a lot studying overseas, other than learning from daily experience, I gained a treasurable learning experience. The education system and style in Australia is different from Hong Kong. Studying in Brisbane is more relaxable and less pressure than in Hong Kong, however; it requires active learning. The Australian education is aiming to let you understand the lecture rather than memorizing.

QUT also provides many practical chances to let students know how the real world runs rather than just concentrated in theory.

I enrolled in the university foundation course after my HKCEE results released, as I finished my foundation course, I started my degree course directly.

When I was doing preparation before I left Hong Kong, City Smart provided a lot of information for me and they said that taking foundation is a quicker pathway to enter university than staying in Hong Kong and take secondary six and seven.

I have just finished two semesters from the university and came back to Hong Kong to enjoy my holiday. I found that my classmates in secondary school are worrying about their AL results, some of them even ask me what should they do. I feel very lucky that I am already a university student while they have just finished secondary seven and waiting for the results to release.

At last, I want to take this chance to thank City Smart as well as Mr and Mrs Law for their help and advise.


Xindi (Student)

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, teachers and students:
I am Xindy, a student from Qiaocheng Middle School. How time flies! The twelve days in Australia have gone just like a blink of eyes. All of us enjoy staying with homestay families. In the last 12 days, we went to many places in Australia. We went to the Lone Pine, saw many animals, even held a koala. We went went to the Movie World, gasped with the Driver show. We went to the museum, enjoyed the Australian culture. We also made postcard, made Australian food, and learned two Australian songs. We went shopping and bought something for our friends and families. What an enjoyable holiday!
In fact, this is my second time to Australia. I came here last year. I come to Australia again, because I love here. I love the sunshine, blue sky, flesh air and green plants here. Unluckily, we caught a tornado, so it rained for several days. But the most important reason for me to come again is, I love the people here. They are kind and patient. Though my English is not very well, but they were still patient to talk to me.
We will leave Australia the day after tomorrow, but we are not willing to leave! We enjoyed ourselves in last 12 days, so, thank you. Clayfield College! Thank you City Smart! Thank you. Homestay family!
It is sad to say goodbye to you, but absence is to better meet again. Thank you! Goodbye!

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